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The Bible teaches that the result of their disobedience was a separation from fellowship with God. That problem still exists today. As soon as a young child knowingly disobeys one of God's commandsm that person experiences a separation from God. It's as if a door goes shut between that person and God.

Throughout the centuries, God knocked on the door to open communication. The Old Testament of the Bible is full of stories of how God reached out to people and how people reacted (or didn't react) to Him. He sent prophets, and teachers. He spoke in signs and wonders. It was difficult for people to understand the signs sometimes.

Finally, when the door still was not opened, God sent his own Son, Jesus Christ, to live among people. Now people could really see God and hear Him speak. There should be no misunderstandings now! But when God created humans with free-will, He created them with the choice for rejecting Him.

God required sacrifice to keep the door open and heal the separation, but the sacrifice people could make was never adequate. So He sacrificed Jesus, His own perfect Son. Jesus' death on the cross became the "key" to unlock the door separating humans from God. The perfect sacrifice has been made. And because it was so perfect, it applies to people of all ages, races, and times. That means us, and that means you, too!

If you have doubts, questions, or reservations about this, you are not alone. The One who created you, the one true God whom you sense just might be there, says "Of course you can't understand me. I am God; you are people." Yet there is a God-shaped hole deep down inside each one of us that only God can fill.

God knows you; God made you; and God loves you. God wants you to know and love Him, too. God longs for YOUR companionship! If you will stop to consider this for just a moment, you will find that you too long for God's companionship. But God won't break down the door. It must be opened from the inside, from inside of you. God is reaching out to you, offering more love and forgiveness than you can imagine.
Jesus knocks on the door of YOUR heart! If you honestly hear God knocking and open the door, these things will happen.
  • You will find forgiveness for your sin and freedom from your guilt. -- "If we confess our sins to God, He will keep His promise and do what is right; He will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrong doing." (1 John 1:9)
  • You will begin to change. -- "When anyone is joined to Christ, he is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come." (2 Corinthians 5:17)
  • You will discover the Holy Spirit. -- "As bad as you are, you know how to give good things to your children. How much more, then, will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!" (Luke 11:13)
Your part is to pray. Prayer is not a set of fancy words. Prayer is just a conversation with God.
God hears and understands all our prayers when we really mean it.
Here's an idea of how you might ask Him to open communication with you.

"Dear God, You promised that if I open myself to You, You would come into my life. Just now, as honestly as I know how, I open my door of my life to you. I ask you to come in, and forgive all my sins for Jesus' sake. I give You permission to change me, and make me the new person You want me to be. I ask You to fill me with your Spirit, so I have the help I need to serve You faithfully. As You show me the way, I will follow you. Thank You for hearing me and accepting me."

If you have questions, please contact us through Pastor David Norris by email
or phone: 620-217-9228.

"There is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents. -- Luke 15:10